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To Buy Viagra or not To Buy

The most popular treatment for erectile dysfunction in UK is Viagra. Nowadays it's easy to buy Viagra and other medicines in internet. Viagra online is convenient for those who prefer to keep their privacy. The preparation had been thoroughly studied before and after a pilot batch and was the first ED medicine licensed in the Great Britain. 15 years of more than 23 million men experience and over 23000 men clinically tested proved that Viagra is effective for all degrees of men’s erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. It does not cure the erectile dysfunction. It aids in symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil increases blood flow into the penis erectile tissue which ensure an erection hard enough for sex.

However please be aware that Viagra does not cause an erection unless you are sexually aroused as Sildenafil does not effect sexual desire. It’s not enough just to buy Viagra. You and your partner still need a foreplay as if you don’t take medication.

The recommended dose for the first time is one 50mg Viagra tablet 1 hour before the expected sexual intercourse. On an empty stomach effect starts within 30 minutes. With a substantial meal it may take longer. Read the patient information leaflet carefully before commencing ED treatment. If desired effect’s achieved but side effects occur, lower the dose to 25mg. If 50mg tablets doesn’t work on you for a couple of times and you don’t experience side effects, try to increase the dose to 100mg. It would be preferably if you consult the doctor beforehand; probably he would recommend you to experiment with some other ED drugs: Levitra, Cialis or Kamagra. Do not take more than one dose of Viagra per day as this won’t influence the efficacy and may increase side effects probability. The effect usually lasts for 4-6 hours.

Do not consume alcohol along with Viagra. Alcohol diminish Sildenafil power so limit yourself with maximum couple of shots or a cocktail.

Viagra online is must try

The Pfizer's patent on producing Viagra ended in July 2013; since then Sildenafil citrate was licensed as generic version of Viagra in UK. Other manufacturers got opportunity to produce and supply such popular medicine which lead to competition and consequently price reduction. So everybody except the Pfizer got the benefit. Generic version meets the same standards of quality and efficiency as the original brand. There is no difference in chemical compound of the brand and generic formulation. These days more and more consumers prefer generic Viagra online for its attractive price and always brilliant result.

Nowadays same safety requirements are applied for the original branded product and its generic substitute. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is the official organization that monitors the quality of pharmaceutical products sold in Great Britain. It determines the procedures of new medications emerging and distribution on the market including buying Viagra online. The Regulatory Agency inspects new pharmaceuticals development process. All stages from testing to manufacturing are carried out in compliance with strict regulations. Generic medicines audited twice: first time when brand product is about to appear, and second time when generic product with the same chemical formulation is released.

So you can trust British Generics even more than brand medicines as they passed examination twice! Give it a try now! Buy Viagra online! We offer best price for Viagra in UK!



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